Tips on buying your First Car

Looking to buy your first car but not sure where to start? Here are a few tips for you:

What type of vehicle are you looking for?

Think about what your car is going to be used for. Is it for a big company where you need to tranfer goods? or something small to get you to college/work? Look for features such as size, mileage, space etc.

Test drive and Research

Ask if you can test drive the car, get a feelf for the vehicle and see if you like it. Dont rush, do your research and consider all your options available to you.


Plan a budget and stick to it. Not only should you budget for the purchas priceĀ of the vehicle but also consider fuel costs, maintenance as well as higher monthly repayments for interest rate fluctuations. Also getting a vehicle that has a Full Service History is a good idea to reduce costs.

Safety Features

Make sure that the vehicle you want to buy has certain features such as airbags, smash and grab, central locking etc.

Ask Questions

If you are unsure of something, dont hesitate to ask the dealer. Get all the facts you need in order to choose the right vehicle for you.